Six Ways to Work Out and Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Every year in the stretch between Halloween and New Year, we get stuck in buckets of candy, chocolate fudge, pumpkin pie and wrapping paper. It’s the dreaded yet anticipated time where we are swamped with relatives and have to start asking the important questions: how are we going to feed all these people?

With all our brain power spent making sure the kids don’t take a sip of that special eggnog, working out gets pushed into the back seat. It’s hard to make time for exercise with so many other things on your mind, but these six tips will help keep you motivated during the holidays.

Go to the gym early. Vacations are meant for sleeping in and relaxing. No one wants to get up early during the holidays, which is why it is the perfect time for you to go to the gym. If you work out before anyone else wakes up, you won’t miss any of the family activities later in the day.

However, if you just can’t get away in the morning…

Have your family workout with you. Take the family on a walk. Go on a quick holiday hike. If you bring others along, you can exercise and enjoy the holiday company at the same time.

Getting the family involved is especially good if you live somewhere that snows.

You can always find a way to…

Use the snow to stay active. Every time you sled down a mountain, you have to climb back up again. It’s a great way to get that hill workout while still taking part in the family festivities. If you want a bit more running and squatting, start a snowball fight.

It doesn’t snow where you live? Just…

Go outside and do some yardwork. A good day of yard work can be just as effective as going to the gym. Simple tasks like pulling weeds and mowing the lawn will keep you burning calories and building muscle.

Or, if you want to make sure you’re getting some real, hardcore workouts….

Sign up for a race in January. If you’ve signed up for a race at the end of the holiday season, you’ll have to keep training no matter who is at your house or what is happening. You won’t have another option.

Can’t find time to exercise in one, big bulk? That’s okay. You can…

Do small workouts throughout the day. If you find 20 minutes before breakfast or 15 minutes after a White Elephant Gift Exchange, you can squeeze in some pushups and sit-ups.

At the end of the day, you’ll have done as many as you would have in a normal workout.

The holidays can be distracting, but there are lots of ways to get your workout in without heading off to the gym. Instead of putting your exercise schedule on hold, try some of these workout solutions this Christmas.