About Movara

So many people are searching for the “secret to weight loss” … We are Cameron and Michelle Kelsch, highschool sweethearts who are passionate about our faith, family, health and who founded Movara in 2002. 

We discovered “the secret to weight loss” after 20 years of starting and managing Movara. We realized (through many hardships) that the secret to our business success was also the “secret to weight loss!” (We knew all along that there really is NO secret to running a successful business or to weight loss!) We do know that running a business and losing weight require a lot of learning and hard work. We DID learn that it would be impossible for our business to be successful without CLARITY. Clarity on our mission, purpose, goals, finances, our team and especially clarity on the principles that would govern Movara. 

Once we gained this clarity, we achieved ultimate success in our business and peace of mind after 20 years of learning. This is when it hit us that the “secret to weight loss” was the same! The ultimate successes our guests were experiencing was because of clarity. Guests were gaining clarity on their fitness, nutrition and mindset. Once you gain clarity on How and Why You Move, What and Why You Eat and What Drives Your Mindset, RESULTS HAPPEN! 

With this CLARITY, we are excited to focus our time on our family, our faith, our own health as well as expanding the Movara brand, traveling and enjoying hobbies together as a family. 

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Explore clarity and Weight loss with us.

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