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Why come to Movara weight loss resort?


  • Great variety; from kickboxing to circuit training
  • Motivating and highly qualified fitness team
  • Accommodates all fitness levels
  • Gain tools you can implement at home


  • Delicious meals
  • Nutrient dense
  • Menu features a great variety
  • Access to hundreds of nutritional recipes


  • Informative health lectures
  • Gain knowledge to implement at home
  • Highly trained and certified staff
  • Variety of topics
  • Entertaining and enjoyable

Lost 65 lbs

RYAN: “It’s Never Too Late to Turn Your Life Around” 

Today marks exactly 1 year since I set foot in Utah and began my commitment to getting healthy at #Movara. In that time I have dropped 65 lbs, normalized the hemoglobin count in my blood, significantly reduced the fat that was engulfing my liver, lowered my blood pressure & cholesterol, reduced the size of my enlarged heart, practically eliminated my sleep apnea, & most importantly, I feel much better physically & mentally. It’s never too late to turn your life around. Be patient, be persistent and time will reward your hard work.

I’m holding the swim trunks I wore last Labor Day Weekend (size 4XL)… one year later I’m 65 lbs lighter & a whole lot healthier. I’m not quite where I want to be yet but I’m a long ways away from where I was. The journey continues this Fall.


Make Movara Fitness Resort your weight loss inspiration

and start making lasting changes today

Guests of all fitness levels, ages, strengths, abilities, and starting weight are experiencing life changing results at Movara Fitness Resort. With our weight loss clinic and fitness retreat, weight loss and your overall health is our primary focus. For everyone, Movara’s weight loss spa has something to offer.


While our certified trainers inspire you to push yourself further than you could have imagined, our life coaches and dietitians will help you gain the tools needed to make changes that last a lifetime, not just a week or a month. The key to a successful and long term weight loss and fitness program is looking at all the pieces of the puzzle.

At the end of a rigorous and rewarding day at Movara, treat yourself to a relaxing and revitalizing experience at our first class spa. At our wellness center, our professional staff is prepared with a program that encompasses fitness training, nutrition, education, as well as relaxation and restoration.

At Movara, you will learn how to find a healthy life balance, and in the process you will find friendship and support. Not only will our staff motivate you and guide you to success, but your fellow participants will be working along side you motivating you to do your best.


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