Movara’s Top 3 Guest Favorite HIKES

Our Movara location in Southern Utah is world renown for spectacular hiking. People travel from all over the world to experience the beauty of our majestic red rocks, unique topography and amazing weather. Our guests are able to experience just about every type of hike, every level, length and scenery. But there are always the “favorites” that get requested over and over. We are sharing some of the top guest favorites:

    This hike is for all levels – Elevation Gain up to 524 ft – 2 to 6 miles – DESCRIPTION – Camelback starts with a short, steep decline down a rocky lava ridge, crosses a sandy wash and then is mostly solid sandstone. At the top of the sandstone valley, the route takes you to the “vortex” (a sandstone pot hole sometimes filled with water) and then to the “camel humps” (several sandstone hills). After enjoying the views of Pine Valley and Gunlock from the camel humps, the route continues uphill to a trail that loops around to another viewpoint area. There are several ways to extend this hike.
  2. The SADDLE!
    This hike is for intermediate/advanced hikers – 4.5 miles – 800 feet elevation gain – DESCRIPTION – The Saddle Hike starts in a canyon on a packed dirt trail. There are a few uneven, rocky parts and the first 1.5 miles is a steep incline up to the top of the saddle. From that point the trail heads down, steep and rocky at first and then flattens out as you hike through a drainage canyon on sand and sandstone. There are a few places where it is required to sit and shimmy or maneuver around obstacles with your hands. After the canyon you head out and hike for a while in a sandy wash to Hidden Pinyon parking lot. The Saddle hike offers great views of Padre Canyon and depending on time of year, you will come across many beautiful pools. 
    This hike is for intermediate/advanced hikers – 5 miles – DESCRIPTION – Red Mountain trail is an out and back route that follows a lightly marked trail up a gentle incline. The terrain is loose rock and dirt for the first two miles and then follows a sandy trail to the overlook. The overlook is a very beautiful spot and well worth walking in the sand. One of the best views of Snow Canyon.