Movara Home Program

Joyce Woodring, from Portland, Oregon, is a regular guest at the resort, as well as a Movara Home participant (who we like to call Movara Homies). Movara Home is an online, structured at-home accountability program designed to help continue the momentum you’ve built at the resort, or to start your own fitness journey in a way that accommodates you.

For Joyce, the Movara Home program has been invaluable in getting her back on track with her fitness during the pandemic. “The first part of Covid I spent drinking,” Joyce said. But, after joining Movara Home, she’s managed to spend “the second part really focusing. Frankly, it’s been a life saver for me. It gives me accountability, which is my problem. I’m an excellent non-accountable person.”

Movara Home allows Joyce to get the Movara experience when she can’t be at the resort. “I like how it gives me a structure,” Joyce said. “It gives me a program to follow. I know what’s coming, but I know each day it’s a little bit different. That’s the benefit of having a plan—not like I obey it all the time!”

The lectures available on Movara Home help keep the program feeling current and relevant. “I think again it’s the structure and the accountability,” she said. “It makes me think about it everyday.”

Back in Portland, Joyce is doing the program along with her sister and friend. To keep each other accountable, she’ll call them and coordinate exercises. Joyce said, “I’ll call them and say, ‘Okay, let’s meet and go do 500 stairs.’”

Having done the program both at the resort and at home, Joyce was surprised that she’d had remarkable results with both. “I was so shocked how my weight loss has been virtually the same” between the resort program and Movara Home programs, she told us.

Since August, Joyce has managed to lose 25 pounds, and maintain that weight loss through the Holidays. Her sister, on the other hand, has also had remarkable results with the Movara Home program, shedding 35 pounds in just four months.

“You have to figure out how it’s going to work for you,” Joyce said. “And Movara Home lets you fit it better into what I am going to do now. To me, that’s what makes Home so great. It still gives you that nasty little Movara conscious saying, ‘Okay, what are you doing now? Does that third cocktail really sound like a good idea? No, It’s never a good idea!’”

Overall, Joyce said she would recommend Movara Home “in a flash.”

To join Joyce, and others like her, in doing Movara Home, call 1-844-888-6682 to get set up on the program!