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Merry “Move-Your-Body” Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone!!
This time of the year is festive and BUSY and full of so many great things! But it can also be an easy time to sneak into some lazy holiday habits since the weather outside is (for the most part) cozy and cold… we encourage you to start new active holiday traditions!  Fun family activities like dodgeball, football and relay races are a great way to bring everyone together for a lot of laughs and (*bonus*) to burn off some of those tasty holiday goodies!

Here are 8 “Merry Move-Your-Body Christmas” Ideas:

*Play a family game of Twister in your holiday jammies

*Take your dog for a Christmas walk around the neighborhood and take pictures of the best-decorated houses

*Go to a local ice skating rink for the afternoon

*If you live in an area where it snows, have a snowman building contest or build a snow fort with the kids or siblings

*Make a Christmas gift hunt (similar to an Easter egg hunt) but with little gift boxes hidden throughout the house or backyard filled with non-food items such as holiday socks, mini ornaments, etc.

*Set up a Dance Dance Revolution game of your own by playing holiday music and having dance-offs with the family members

*Play a family and friends game of snow football, beach volleyball, indoor dodgeball, street soccer (depending on the weather where you live)

*Take it to the slopes for a day of skiing, snowboarding or even sledding

Enjoy the holiday season and remember to KEEP MOVING!!


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