One of the rules to lasting weight loss results is to DO SOMETHING! Exercise like nutrition can be so overwhelming. We are heavily marketed to and constantly comparing (“so and so does ____ and looks great so I should do _____”) This is where we get into trouble! You’ve heard me say it with nutrition and it’s the same for exercise. The best movement you can do is the one you’re WILLING to do. It can change daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally.

The important thing to remember is that even if we don’t burn as many calories as we think and wish, exercise can help support weight loss, and also do sooo much more for us.  Some people don’t have to exercise to be thin.. you probably know a few (they consume the appropriate amount for their body’s needs). I have walked with many thin guests who were out of shape and got winded easily. For us to get the health benefits claimed by exercise, we need to fit 150 minutes of moderate activity in a week. One can incorporate activity into their daily routine by short walk breaks, taking the stairs, parking further away, etc.

I see injuries, physical limitations, etc that make exercise a bit more challenging but there is ALWAYS something you CAN do. Anything is better than nothing! Move your legs if your upper body is injured or vice versa. Do what your body can do and walking is wonderful even if it’s short amounts at a time.

One of the reasons Movara’s schedule is packed with exercise is because we can do more than we think we can… and sometimes we need that proved to us. So although we don’t need too much exercise, we are capable of more than we think (myself included ????) Two rules: don’t exercise for weight loss and just do something!


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