Up From the Ashes

By Angel Naivalu – MSW, Life Coach

As you know, hiking the beautiful trails of southern Utah is a big part of the Movara experience. Recently, while hiking with guests at Movara, we made our way through a field and then climbed into hills that had been scorched by a wildfire last year. Several guests commented on how sad it was to see the burnt bushes and trees as remnants of that incident. 

One hiking guide pointed out small patches of green amidst the black, “But look,” she said. “Isn’t it nice to see the new growth coming in?”

Pausing to observe the contrast, I asked myself the question, “How is that like my life?” And I began to reflect on memories and experiences where I have felt “burned,” “scorched,” or “consumed,” in my past.

Instantly, I thought of old versions of myself, past ways of thinking, old habits and even some relationships that did not end up as I planned or hoped. I thought of betrayals and regrets, and times when I experienced failure and despair. As our hike continued through patches of burnt land and new growth, I began to appreciate the contrast in the colors and conditions around me. I noticed that I was able to release and let go of many disappointments from the past and savor what had taken root and blossomed in its place in my life.

“Nature is our greatest teacher, of surrender, of allowing, of simply being. Every blade of grass, every flower, every tree remembers. This moment. This present. This is where life is.”

— Alexandra Domelle

Pausing, noticing, breathing, reflecting, and appreciating, are keys to being present. It is in the present moment that we return to peace, where we find respite from stress and overwhelm, and where we rise up from the ashes.

I invite you to pause today—in any activity—and notice your surroundings. Really look at what is right before you. Ask yourself the question, “How is this like my life?” And see what insights show up offering a new perspective. Look for the growth and opportunities that surround you. Celebrate your place in life today!

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