3wks into her stay, Tracy lost 14.5lbs, gained strength and more importantly, rediscovered her self-worth while at Movara.

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Read Tracy's Inspiring Testimonial

In the video, Tracy Bordon shares her transformative experience at the Movara Fitness Resort, proudly discussing her 16-week journey to achieving a healthier lifestyle. 

She begins by expressing her initial apprehension but quickly highlights the positive aspects of the resort, starting with the delicious and nutrient-dense food that left her satisfied, clear-headed, and energized. Tracy emphasizes the educational aspect through the resort’s lectures, which she found highly informative.

The natural beauty of Utah’s landscapes is a recurring theme, as she describes the hiking opportunities as “fantastic,” with options ranging from mountain treks to canyon walks, providing a blend of challenge and experience. Complementing the outdoor activities, she mentions engaging in fun fitness classes and is known for inspiring others with her dancing.

After just under three weeks, Tracy boasts impressive weight loss results and a noticeable improvement in her muscle tone. She recommends a minimum two-week stay to fully integrate and enjoy the benefits. 

She speaks fondly of the community atmosphere at Movara, describing how easy it is to form meaningful connections and friendships with staff and fellow guests, which could potentially last a lifetime.

Tracy touches on the diverse motivations of the guests at Movara, from those seeking mere fitness enhancements to others like herself who are pursuing significant health transformations. 

She ends on an empowering note, affirming her self-worth and encouraging others to visit Movara, which she considers one of the most incredible places for a health journey.