Close to 300lbs, Mati booked her 12 wk experience at Movara and has changed her entire view on exercise and eating, while gaining life long friends.

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Mati from Portugal first came to Movara at the age of 22, weighing almost 300 pounds, seeking a significant change in her life. 

Over the course of 12 weeks, her experience at Movara proved life-altering. Not only did she lose weight, but she also gained essential tools that changed her habits, including overcoming her picky eating habits and developing a love for vegetables and trying new foods. 

Movara nutritious and delicious food, along with the 7 hours of daily exercise, helped transform her body and mind, empowering her with a newfound confidence and sense of capability. 

Mati found friendship and a supportive community during her stay, which added to her transformative experience.

Years later, Mati returned to Movara for a total of 17 weeks over time because she needed a break and a reset. She was initially worried that Movara might have changed and lost its magic, but she discovered it still had the same positive impact. 

The serene mountain environment and the dedicated staff made her feel like she could breathe easily and offered her a unique peace of tranquility. Mati praises Movara, saying that the people and the staff are incredible and motivating, and she leaves feeling renewed. She plans to keep returning to Movara because of its special place in her heart and its ongoing beneficial influence on her life.