Derek lost 33 pounds during his four weeks, reaching his pre-surgery weight loss goal

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Read Derek's Inspiring Testimonial

The video features Derek from Omaha, Nebraska, who shares his transformative experience at Movara, a wellness center, prior to his scheduled double knee replacement surgery. 

Unable to walk comfortably even to his mailbox due to severe knee pain, Derek was struggling with his mobility. After spending four weeks at Movara, Derek made remarkable progress, logging a total of 272 miles of walking, with much less pain and excellent support from the staff. 

The wellness center provided workouts, stretching programs, and a supportive community. Derek managed to lose 33 pounds during his stay, reaching his pre-surgery weight loss goal, and he aims to lose an additional 15 pounds before his surgery. 

Derek praises the center for its ‘Movara magic,’ the supportive staff, and the encouraging community, stating that his experience was life-changing and potentially life-extending.