Perspective – What Do We Really Want Most Out Of Life?

How spot on is this:

Isn’t it so sad?  In a world where we can be anything we want to be, why is it that the thing we want the most is to be “beautiful”?  It seems like all other achievements pale in comparison to achieving the thin ideal.  And in some cases, those achievements aren’t given the respect they deserve because of the appearance of the person.

Fortunately, changes start with us.  If we begin to give less appearance-based compliments and instead support and praise each other in ways that really matter, we can start to change the culture.  If we continue to pretend that life only matters if we look good living it, we will continue to be a slave to the scale, beauty industry, and popular culture.  Imagine what would happen if we focused more on living our lives and less on what we looked like while doing it.  Resist the temptation to believe that your appearance has anything to do with the quality of your life.

Adapted from a blog post by: Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD