The Movara Model: Weight Loss

Do you remember the first time you learned numbers go on forever? If you were like most kids, you probably tried to imagine—and even count a few times—how big those numbers could get. You would add more and more zeros until the number didn’t even have a name anymore, and the sheer size of it overwhelmed you. Something similar often happens when we think of our weight.

The numbers game

Though our weight isn’t nearly as big as the numbers we thought up as kids, we see our weight as a number. It is never the number we want. Because we don’t like it, we can never get the number out of our head. We think of it when we workout, when we have family dinners at Olive Garden, when we try on clothes at Target, when we go swimming… it overwhelms us.

Focusing on the number can distract us from the real purpose of healthy living. Being healthy isn’t about numbers. No matter what weight you are, healthy living involves a lifestyle change.

The Movara Model

To start you on your lifestyle change, Movara provides a structured activity schedule to keep you moving throughout the day. Rather than cooping you up in a gym, you start your day with an invigorating morning hike. Of course, you’ll see plenty of the gym too, but you’ll work with certified trainers who will motivate and educate you during your exercise routine.

Because staying active is only one part of the lifestyle-change process, we construct calorie controlled meal plans for you to use during your stay. Don’t be scared off by the words “calorie controlled.” Along with normal, daily meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you get snacks and even desserts. Healthy food can still taste delicious!

But, again, our goal is to help you change your lifestyle, so we don’t just feed you healthy food. We make sure you walk away with the necessary nutritional education to keep you eating those same foods at home.

Ultimately, we want to empower you to believe in yourself and reach your fitness, health, and weight goals. It’s not wrong to come into Movara hoping to lose some weight. Many of our guest stay with us for that very reason. If your goal is to lose 10 or 20 or 30 pounds, we will help you get there. However, if you focus on staying active and eating right first, you will find yourself losing weight naturally along the way.

When you make a healthy lifestyle change, you will not only lose weight, but gain self-confidence. You won’t even feel overwhelmed by those numbers anymore!

What does the number on the scale have to do with your weight lose and healthy lifestyle?


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