MINDSET: Three Things to Consider

I want to talk about one of the 3 sides of the wellness triangle that is the toughest for me, and that is MINDSET. I know many others have or are currently struggling with a healthy mindset. We know our diet and exercise take effort but sometimes don’t realize our mindset also needs work and effort! I’m sharing three things that have helped me and continue to help me with a healthy mindset:

  1. Identify False Beliefs – If there is a result we want to change, it’s important to identify the underlying belief. Our beliefs stir certain emotions that motivate specific actions that deliver results, positive or negative. Our basic needs are either getting met by our results or not. Beliefs are powerful!
  2. Live in Line with Governing Values – It’s important to know what is important to YOU and then prioritize your actions. When your daily actions are in line with the things of most importance, you will have peace. 
  3. Act From Love – Lasting change occurs when you do things because you WANT to! Not because you “have to or should” – Fear can be a temporary motivator but isn’t fun. Pure joy and lasting change comes when love is the motivator!

With Love, Michelle

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