Fat Camp for Adults?

Looking for a fat camp for adults? Come to our Fitness Resort!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been searching the Internet for a “Fat Camp for Adults.” It’s not a surprise that so many people are hoping that a fat camp for adults exists. Some people just want to go somewhere and be told exactly what to do and be fed exactly what to eat in order to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Adults looking for a fat camp are adults who are truly ready to get serious about losing weight.

The good news is that such places exist, and Movara is one of the very best! (Though we prefer the term “Fitness Resort”…) If you’re ready to do what it takes to get healthy, but want experts to help you along that journey, Movara is definitely the place for you.

What is it that people mean when they’re looking for a fat camp for adults? The term “fat camp” was an indelicate sobriquet applied in the past to health and fitness retreats, primarily targeting overweight or under-active children and teens. But the fact is, the need for a place like that doesn’t go away when we become adults. On the contrary, as our lives become more complicated, the need for a health reset becomes even greater. It’s easy to see where the appeal lies; with so many new diet plans and conflicting advice on the best way to lose weight fast, it would be nice to cut through the noise and just get it done in a safe and healthy way. The adults looking for a fat camp are really looking for a place to get away and focus on their health, get more active, and lose some weight. Movara is exactly that, and so much more.

You may feel like you just want someone to tell you what to do to get healthy, but Movara goes one step further. Our specialists don’t merely tell you what to do; rather, through a series of fascinating lectures (delivered like TED talks), our guests are empowered to make better, wiser choices that support their own fitness goals. As for activities, Movara boasts a huge variety of fun and exciting group fitness activities that include hiking, pool activities, sports and other exercise classes designed to accommodate any and every skill level. You’ll be amazed to discover just what you’re capable of at Movara.

The highly-trained instructors at Movara are no fat-camp-drill-sergeants. They are friendly, knowledgable, and fully invested in your success.

There are many reasons why the term “fat camp” doesn’t do the Movara resort experience justice. For one thing, what fat camp also has an award-winning on-site spa with massages, facials, and other essential spa treatments? Unlike a camp, you’re not in a tent or barracks at Movara, but rather a private room with a comfortable bed, like in a hotel. 

And the food! When you picture a fat camp for adults, perhaps you have visions of a mess hall with sparse plates of lightly-dressed salad and maybe a few carrots. Movara is famous for its all-inclusive gourmet meals prepared by world-class chefs and served three times daily. You’ll be stunned at how delicious (and filling) a healthy, low-calorie meal can really be. (Our chefs are even available for one-on-one sessions if you want to learn how to cook like they do in your own home!)

The bottom line is that Movara doesn’t want you to simply come to our resort, lose weight and then come back again sometime later to lose that same weight again. Movara wants to teach you (and your body) how and why to make the changes necessary so that you can go forward living a healthy life while continuing to lose weight, long after you’ve left our resort property and returned to “real life”. Many guests come back for a yearly or bi-yearly reset, or stay for several weeks in a row per visit — it’s up to you to decide how much help you need. 

And when you’re not here, Movara offers support through the Movara Home program, to keep you inspired, motivated, and accountable to your goals. The trouble with a fat camp, for adults or otherwise, is that you can’t be at that camp all the time. Sooner or later you need to return to work, family, home, and, too often, old habits. Movara Home was designed to keep you on task year-round, or whenever you need it, helping you reach your wellness and weight-loss goals in a safe and healthy way.

So while you may think you want a fat camp to whip you into shape, the reality is that you could have so much more and achieve your goals that much more quickly at Movara Fitness Resort—the ultimate fat camp for adults—a place that can literally change your life.

Come to Movara Fitness Resort and change your life for the better!

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