5 Ways to Stay Accountable for Weight Loss w/ Movara Home

When you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a hard-fought weight loss, willpower alone often isn’t enough to keep you on track. And even if you think you’re maintaining your goal weight, its all too easy for a few pounds to creep back on. Click below for a few tricks and tools Movara Home uses that will help you maintain accountability to the one person who really matters – YOU!

  • Use a Food Journal – A food journal is an excellent tool to help you see exactly what you are eating and keep you more accountable to your portion sizes. 
  • Get a Buddy – Having a “we’re in this together” buddy not only reinforces accountability, but also provides positive weight-loss and weight-maintenance motivation. You can call your buddy if you find yourself wavering, and you won’t be inclined to hit the snooze button and skip your morning walk if your friend is depending on you, too.
  • Keep the Big Picture in Mind – Setting a specific goal can be a very effective weight-loss strategy. But set some permanent objectives, too, such as living longer or even feeling more comfortable in your clothes.. and remember it’s a process and every day is a new day!
  • Keep a Fitness Log – Physical activity is key to maintaining weight loss, and one of the best ways to stay on track is to keep a fitness log. It can be as simple as marking an “X” on a calendar the days you exercise
  • Create Your own Rewards Program – Losing weight and maintaining that ideal weight is a journey. Set up little rewards along the way to stay on the right path. When you hit one of your goals or a milestone,  go get a massage or facial or treat yourself to a movie!

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