5 Simple Tools to Lasting Results

Michelle’s 5 tips to help with your health journey as you work towards LASTING results!

  • 1) MATH – Know your body’s math! This can be the one single thing that could change everything. Knowledge is power! When you know what your body is burning daily and you know what you are consuming, you can make changes. Until you understand, you will either be left in denial or left being frustrated. I don’t talk about calories with my kids until they are old enough. I believe 18 is a good age. 
  • 2)  The Plate Method – The plate method is my favorite way to “count calories.” It also helps me to feel good, and avoid the need to snack. 1/4 of your plate carbohydrates (1-2 servings), 1/4 of your plate protein (1-2 servings), 1/2 of your plate veggies and/or fruit and 1-2 servings fat. Using appropriate portion sizes. 1 serving each makes you a 350-400 calorie plate. 2 servings each makes a 650-700 calorie plate. 
  • 3) How we are Motivated – I have worked with thousands of individuals and no two people are equally “motivated”.. We can all be motivated but need to embrace HOW we are motivated! I definitely can identify how each of my children are motivated differently. Discover what motivates YOU
  • 4) The Hunger Scale – I love the hunger scale. It’s simple to understand and helps us be in tune with our body. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being stuffed and 1 being hungry, we want to stay between a 4-7. I share this tool with my kids! 
  • 5) WHY we do Things – This isn’t the same as having a powerful WHY. Lasting results are dependent on WHY we do things. This concept is the difference between being able to change a habit easily and making it a lonnnngg hard road. When we do things because we have to, can’t, should or shouldn’t , we are miserable. When we do things because we want or don’t want to, it’s easy! Fear vs. LOVE! 

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