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About Our Wellness Resort Wellness Resort - Movara Fitness Resort

Our mission is to move our guests towards health and happiness through a structured program and a supportive environment. Our wellness resort is passionate about our guests, taking care of them while they’re here and making sure they have the proper knowledge and motivation to take care of themselves when they return home.

Fitness and Motivation

Movara is located in the beautiful, red-rock, high desert of Southern Utah, and we use this magnificent backdrop to our full advantage. Hiking is an integral part of our fitness program. Guests begin each day with a hike lasting anywhere from 2 to 2 ½ hours. They spend the afternoon partaking in classes like kickboxing, cardio interval training, circuit training and more.

The beauty of the Movara wellness resort is that we provide a safe, judgment- and stress-free environment. Our guests have the rare opportunity to completely cleanse their body of stimulants and toxins and by the end of the week, they feel the best they ever have in their lives, both spiritually and physically



Support and Self-Care

One of the most challenging things for our guests to accept is that self-care is not selfish. Our wellness resort staff is extremely supportive and compassionate; we want our guests to feel empowered and capable, and to know that it’s OK to put themselves first. We offer lectures on curbing emotional eating, managing stress and proper nutrition in the educational portion of our program. Our team of experts addresses the cognitive factors that may contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle; we teach guests how to implement the healthy behaviors they learn here into their regular life.





Food plays a huge role in our lives. Not only is food how we survive but food is a major part of our cultures, celebrations and events. For some, food is comfort, and can be their greatest struggle when it comes to living healthier. At Movara, we do not want to remove the enjoyment and pleasure that comes with eating a satisfying meal. Instead, we want to demonstrate that eating well can indeed taste good and make you feel satisfied.

Nutrition is also an integral part of our educational series. Our nutrition staff covers an array of topics to help wellness resort guests apply healthy eating at home. Movara also offers personal, one-on-one sessions with our registered dietitian, nutritionist or life-coach.

It is never too late to live a healthier lifestyle. We have seen people of all ages, sizes and abilities find success. We attribute this not only to our fitness program, but also to the support each guest receives from our trainers, nutrition staff and each other.


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