I love yoga. I haven’t always, but I found style of yoga that fit my taste. What helped me to find that was this website:

I started by downloading multiple styles of their free 20 minute sessions. I figured there was no reason not to try! It’s free and who doesn’t have 20 minutes? I soon found my favorites and then downloaded longer sessions, especially as my attention span for yoga increased. I find this is a fantastic way to relax, unwind and deal with stress. I often recommend this website and their 20 minute sessions to guests looking for a way to avoid emotional eating. When you walk in the door, go directly to the computer and use that 20 minutes to decompress from the day. I am sure everything will look much clearer.
Some of my favorites include:
  • Yoga for Runners
  • Core Yoga
  • Yoga for Buns
  • Yoga for Weight Loss
  • Detox Yoga
  • Any Yoga Flow or Power Yoga (my favorite!)
I am not a trainer or an exercise authority of any kind but in my experience, I have found yoga a great way to strength train. It has helped me to build strength, flexibility, muscle definition and lean body mass. While yoga, in general, will not give you a large calorie burn (although there are those types that are more aerobic such as power yoga), it has been shown to be helpful in weight loss. You can read more about that here (click the link). The thought is that it makes you more aware of your body perhaps changing your perception or view of yourself to a more positive one. This may then translate into food and mindful eating. If you appreciate your body and are in tune with what it needs, you will want to treat it well.
I hope you find this website as helpful and fun as I have!
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD