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Workout: 52 Pick-up!

If you have ever been to our Court Challenge class at the resort, then you have done this awesome calorie burner! This is our “52 Pick-Up Workout“, and all you need is a deck of cards and you! Do this workout inside, outside, at home, anywhere!

How it works is you have a specific exercise assigned for each of the four suits in your deck of cards.

Hearts = Push Ups, Spades = Sit Ups, Diamonds = Squats, Clubs = Lunges.

You flip over one card at a time and perform that exercise, (9 of hearts would be 9 push-ups), then you flip over the next card, perform that exercise and so on until you have gone through the deck of cards. Face Cards can be any type of cardio you choose, 20 jumping jacks, one minute of high knees, running a set of stairs, whatever works best and is challenging for YOU!

You can also do this workout with a timer, so you can exercise 30 minutes to an hour depending on what you have time for.

Good luck & have fun!