Why do I love my job?

Because the people who come to Movara are ready for results. They are goal oriented and are usually willing to go through some discomfort to obtain those goals.

What do I mean by ‘discomfort’? A variety of things: giving up some of their favorite foods or food quantities; giving up some of their favorite drinks or drink quantities; exercising WAY more than they are used to; feeling muscles that they are not used to feeling and hiking through terrain that is unfamiliar and maybe even a bit unsettling – to just to name a few.


You might think that being around so many people who are sore, home sick, going without coffee/alcohol/chocolate/sugar, etc would be a bummer – that maybe they would all be in really bad moods and be unpleasant to be around. But that isn’t the case. Movara guests seem to recognize that their actions brought them here and they take responsibility for that. They also seem to know that the discomfort they are feeling is definitely leading to better things. They are friendly, gracious and fun to be around. I get to hike every morning and see at least one guest conquer a fear the s/he had – even if that fear is simply, “I don’t think I can finish this hike”.

When I say good-bye to guests they express a genuine appreciation for what the staff does here at Movara. They seem happy to get back to their life and begin inserting the things they have learned. They seem genuinely excited about continuing to live a healthy lifestyle.

And that is why I love my job.