What Type of Eater Are You?

7 Types of Eaters

As discussed in class and adapted from Intuitive Eating
1.  Chaotic Eater
This type of eater has no routine to their eating and has a tendency to skip meals, over schedule themselves and eat on the run.  Planning ahead is not a priority for these types of eaters so they wait until they get hungry to think about what to eat.  Eating healthy is usually not convenient which leads to eating whatever IS available.  They really have no idea what they have just eaten or how much they’ve eaten.   

2.  Unconscious Eater
This type of eater is similar to a chaotic eater with a few differences.  Really the hallmark sign of an unconscious eater is that they eat while doing other things such as working, reading, talking, driving, watching TV or cooking.  Multi-taskers, anyone?  This leads them to be out of touch with what or how much they are eating.  They will eat whatever is available and have no idea when they are hungry or if they have exceeded their fullness level. 

3.  Emotional Eater
This type of eater uses food to cope with their feelings and they may not even realize they are doing this. What they do know is that they eat too much which leads them to feel powerless around food.   They feel numb when they eat and use food to avoid facing their feelings.  This is a common type of eater and is easy to do because of the psychological effect eating and food can have on individuals.  

4.  Waste Not Eater
This type of eater hates to food go to waste!  You know, the “clean your plate club”.  They are always on the lookout for a deal.  Anytime food is in abundance can be problematic for these individuals (family meals, work gatherings, parties, all you can eat buffets).  In the short run they may be saving money but they need to consider the long term cost on their health.  

5.  Refuse Not Eater
This type of eater cannot say no to the offer or encouragement to eat food.  By doing that, they give power over to their external environment out of fear of disappointing or offending others. They need to learn that it is OK to say “no thank you, I am full”.  This is very common given the social dynamic of food.  Also, we as individuals usually try to show our love through food.

6.  Restrictive Eater
These types of eaters are chronic fad dieters.  They are vigilant about weighing, measuring and label reading.  The are constantly developing new lists of good and bad foods, usually depending on the newest and latest trend.  They vacillate between under eating and bingeing due to their “all or nothing” attitude.

7.  Intuitive Eater

These types of eaters are conscious of their body’s hunger signals.  They eat to feel satisfied and don’t have fear of or guilt about overeating or eating foods they enjoy.  This type of eater is conscious of their food choices and tends to want foods that honor their health and are balanced to meet their physical requirements, mostly because they pay attention to how they feel rather than a number on the scale.

Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD