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What is a Healthy Weight?

Have you ever wondered what you should weigh?  I’m pretty sure it’s crossed everyone’s mind at some point given societal pressures to fit a certain body type, BMI bracket and/or fitness level.  I do think, however, that in our quest for a certain number, we may miss what truly leads to a healthy weight.  I’ve actually found that the people who try the hardest to control their weight have the hardest time doing so.

I really like this definition of a healthy weight (pictured above.)  I find the belief that “I am broken and need to be fixed” is pervasive among us today.  I maintain that a healthy weight varies widely, and there are as many different healthy weights as there are people.  Finding YOUR healthy weight will not be done through restriction and excessive exercise.  In fact, that only further encourages changes in metabolism,  increases in fat mass and decreases in lean body mass.  Instead of recommitting to diets or rules, perhaps pause to recommit to listening to your body and meeting its needs.  Just like you would a child, feed it when hungry, comfort it when it cries, put it to bed for needed rest and encourage it to move and stay active.

I heard it said best the other day “the secret to health is to live like there is no secret!”  There is no secret.  Your body knows what it needs, you just need to get out of its way.  Allow yourself to feel emotions, let yourself rest, move and be active in a way you enjoy. Honor hunger and fullness signals, eat and live mindfully and cultivate a life you enjoy living.  That sounds so much more peaceful than a diet or rigid plan to me.

Adapted from a blog post by Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD