What Happens After You Leave?

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So often people wonder if a short visit to the resort is enough to get them on the right track of weight loss and health. People wonder, “if I get a jumpstart, can I finish at home? Will it be worth the investment? Can it really change my life?”

I can sit here all day and tell you YES to all of those questions, but of course I am going to say that.


Don’t take it from me, take it from our past guests. I was really excited to see the progress of my friend, Keith, who I met at our Malibu resort in December. He stayed a couple of weeks and it was amazing to see what he accomplished then, but to see how far he has come since then makes me want to cry! He is human just like the rest of us so I’m sure he has still faced and fought temptations, self-doubts, highs and lows, but he hasn’t stopped. Look how far he has come in just six months. Anyone can do this, you just need the right tools.