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Wendi – My Story

Transformation is not always visual. I spent a week at Movara Fitness Resort in Utah. I had no idea what to expect from a week at what may many call a “fat camp.” I was there to find a way to reset and focus on me without any distractions from my everyday life. Life can be complicated and stressful and this week has taught me many things. Things about fitness and what it can do for my body; things about nutrition that seem so obvious but still hard to live by. And finally things about my perception about myself and how it impacts my daily thoughts, both the good and the bad. While I did lose a pound and inches all over, I also gained 2 pounds of muscle, confidence, and knowledge.

Here are some of my takeaways:

*I can hike! I am a Florida girl all the way. Give me flat landscapes and sunny weather all year round. This week was cold and rainy and all our walking was uphill. I hiked on thick sand, I climbed up rocks and while my legs may be sore, they have this amazing strength to keep on going no matter how hard it got.

*People can actually eat 1300 calories throughout the day and feel full… if you eat nutrient-dense foods. I am really excited to bring back new recipes, which include peanut butter cups and s’mores (well.. s’more since you only get one) and focus on meal planning so I can still enjoy my favorite treats (gummies and jellybeans) every so often.

*There is something to be said for Mother Nature! We are surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery. There is something about walking up a mountain and hearing the sounds of water flowing in a nearby stream. The feel of the sun on my face as I approach the top of a cliff. Pictures help capture the memories but being a part of God’s beauty is just beyond description.

*Find a support system! Whether a family member, a trainer, a best friend or a staff member at a resort. Knowing there is someone who has your back no matter what really helps push you. I am so lucky that my husband came on this trip with me. We each had our own reasons and purpose for the week but we had each other.