Vegetarian Options When Eating Out

For a vegetarian, it can be very difficult to find protein sources when eating out. Usually it means resorting to meals with a lot of cheese, a heavy pasta dish, a plate of vegetables, or a lack of protein. This article from (one of my favorite websites!) caught my eye.

Included on the list are some of my favorite places to eat including Panera Bread, Chipotle and PF Changs. Another option that was not listed that we frequent often is Sweet Tomatoes (or Soup Plantation in Southern California). They clearly list which items are vegan or vegetarian and have a fantastic salad bar for meat eaters and non meat eaters alike. And even if you are not vegetarian, these menu items mentioned will be a healthier, low calorie choice when eating out.
As mentioned in previous blogposts, there is also a website that will help you find vegetarian restaurants in your neighborhood or when traveling:
I hope you find these resources helpful!
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD