Unstoppable-Carolyn’s Testimony


Just a few weeks ago, we had the priviledge of sitting down with one of our guests, Carolyn. Carolyn has been to Movara a number of times, and when she was hear before, she shared a glimpse of her story. It touched our hearts, and we just couldn’t let her go without sharing her inspirational story with us.


Ever since she was young, Carolyn was a dancer and an athlete. Challenging herself to be a better and better performer was her passion. Then a few years ago, she was perscribed a medication that would cause severe damage to her tendons that can normally be reversed, but in her case there was permanent damage. She tore her acheles, hamstrings and had a number of other injuries. For the first time in her life, she had to stop moving.


When Carolyn comes to Movara, she comes to a safe place that provides her all of the means to exercise and challenge herself, but also look out for her and make sure she isn’t pushing herself a little too hard.


Her story touched our hearts, and I think it will touch yours as well!