Unexpected Change

I don’t know what was going on in Canada to make them send their greatest people down to Movara in Utah a few weeks back, but I liked it! I swear as I sat in orientation I heard about 60% of the new guests say that they were from Canada. It was really fun to hear a lot of “eh’s” around the resort, though they all swore they didn’t say it. It doesn’t happen every week, but this week it did!


I want to introduce you to a couple of girls that I met at the resort, Michelle and Jeanie, that have become great friends.

I love to hear the difference in what they came for and what they actually left with. These girls are great, as well as the rest of the Canada group we had! They said that I was an honorary Canadian. I could pull that off, eh? Thanks for sharing your, Michelle and Jeanie! We can’t wait to see you again!