Top 20 Worst “Eating Out” Dishes

I recently received an email from one our former guests that listed the 20 worst dishes that you could possibly purchase when you are eating out. This email seems to be making the rounds, so you may have seen it already, but I thought it would be fun to showcase one dish each day for the next 20 days.
You can also find these in the book titled: “Eat This, Not That!” By David Zinczenko

#20: Worst Fast Food Chicken Meal
McDonald’s Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips (5 pieces)
with creamy ranch sauce

830 calories, 55g fat (4.5g trans fat), 48g carbs

The only thing “premium” about these strips is the caloric price you pay. Add a large fries and regular soda and this seemingly innocuous chicken meal tops out at 1,710 calories.