Tips for a Healthy March Madness

Tips for a Healthy March Madnessmarch-madness-logo
By Amanda Turner, Registered Dietician
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Healthy party ideas can be hard for anyone wanting to keep a lighter affair while still pleasing their guests. It?s no wonder why for many people March Madness is ?Starch Madness.? However, there are a few easy ideas you can use to make common items much healthier.

  • For dips, use plain Greek yogurt to replace Mayo or Miracle Whip to decrease fat and increase protein.
  • Use veggies as your dipping sticks instead of chips or breads, and branch out from the traditional carrots/celery by trying bell peppers, zucchini, or kale chips.
  • Rather than filling up on punch that is loaded with sugar and artificial colorings, use a sparkling water with a variety of sliced fruit or veggies in it for a refreshing flavor without the sugar or additives. Try cucumbers, oranges, lemons, berries, or apples to create your own unique water flavor.
  • Also, remember to always use a plate for whatever you’re eating! Mindless snacking can get anyone in trouble, even if it is on healthier snacks. Avoid the ?grab and go? every time you pass the appetizer table.