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The Pathway to Success is in Your Why

Why is it important to have a powerful “why” when you want to lose weight?  Often times you hear, “what’s your why?”  Many of us quickly go to our family, friends, loved ones or the fact that we deserve to be happy and healthy as a why. Unfortunately sometimes those “whys” aren’t powerful enough. Wanting to fit in a smaller size or wanting to look good, unfortunately again isn’t powerful enough when you get hungry or are too tired to go on a walk. A powerful “why” has the ability to keep you focused on your goals.

There was a boy who lived in Germany. His parents and teachers were frustrated trying to get him to learn English. It just wasn’t happening. Until one day that boy decided that he wanted to be a pilot. In order for him to do so, he learned English a requirement. His parents and teachers were in awe as his ability to learn English became effortless with his new “why.”

When we find our “why,” miracles happen! I have 6 kids and it reconfirms that we are all born with the natural tendency to fight what we are told we have to do and want what we are told we can’t have. The trick is to embrace what is good for us and to not look at restriction as such.

When we restrict, naturally we rebel. The difference is in how we view the restriction. When we choose to not eat an entire bag of chips or the entire pint of ice cream, is it because we can’t or because it’s not going to feel good. When we are telling ourselves we can’t have chips, ice cream or whatever else you restrict than often times is leads to a full binge.

When our focus is on why we are exercising and why we are turning away or limiting some of the things we enjoy, than we will feel at peace and be empowered. The results will also manifest themselves in a beautiful way.

It’s important to find a why that you really connect to such as a passion for a new workout you love, the passion for wanting to learn the skill of cooking, wanting to accomplish a challenge, or the desire to be the best self you can be.

When we have a strong motivator or powerful “why” that gets us up in the morning or that helps us choose foods that are in line with our why, it becomes exciting and not depressing. You have the power to bring the things you do inline with the things that matter most to you.

You’d think that my 6 kids would be my “why” but, I exercise because I LOVE how I feel after it’s over! I LOVE the energy it gives me, I can handle life’s blows better when I exercise, I get to spend one on one time with my husband and often with our kids, and it helps me manage my weight. I guess I need more than one why. I continually strive to eat balanced, regular meals because I feel better when I do and I Love the taste of real whole foods. Is it always easy, No but I have embraced the fact that I am learning and know that I will succeed if I focus on my “whys.”  It’s so easy to get distracted and start feeling frustrated with slow or no results but focusing on your “whys” will help you be persistent and consistent and over time results will come.

Lets face it, we take the time to do the things we want. It’s time to decide what you really want and WHY.

-Michelle Kelsch