The Healthy Lifestyle Struggles

Congratulations on decided to change your life! You have decided to – eat healthy (or at least healthier) – to prioritize exercise – decrease your social eating and drinking -increase taking care of yourself and other wonderful things. These are all really good decisions. The difficult thing is that even when you make good decisions, they can be painful.

Sometimes we find that our old friends – the ones we used to eat and drink with socially for example – don’t fit into our new lifestyle. Our old habits usually included friends (and maybe even family) who shared in those habits. Unfortunately our new habits might not include those people anymore – unless they are also looking for a change themselves. You might even find that these ‘old-habit’ friends try to sabotage your new habits – or try and make you feel guilty for prioritizing yourself and your health over your relationship with them. This can be a difficult transition in your life. It is very real and deserves some time, attention and thought.

It is important to surround yourself with friends and family who support you in your new lifestyle. Old friends who find their own opportunities for change due to your new decisions and new friends who already share in your new interests.
It may seem a bit counter intuitive to think that when you are changing yourself for the better that it could result in some difficult and painful feelings and situations. But as the old saying goes: nothing good comes easy. Growth can be painful and good growth usually is.

Prioritizing health; prioritizing yourself – although the transition may be tough – is a good decision.

You will be better off for it.