The Harmon’s Happenings

This week while I was at Movara I met a lot of amazing people. For me it’s always fun to watch couples at the resort and see what being their together does for their relationship. Lots of couples get so busy in their lives that they pass each other with a quick kiss maybe once or twice a day and don’t get to spend real time together anymore. So it’s fun to watch couples almost fall in love again while at the resort. Randy and Lori Harmon were a really awesome couple that pulled me right in as soon as I got there. I loved getting to know them and finding out more about them and their lives. Watch this little clip I made of these two cuties.

Anyone can do this. Almost everyone starts out scared and almost everyone leaves a different person. I am so happy that people like Randy and Lori, who start out doubtful and nervous, still make the decision to come because those feelings go away and the things people hope for upon signing up really do happen, only better!