The Buzz about my Cuz!

Every day that I am at Movara I witness lives change in one way or another. Sometimes it is a small breakthrough that someone has while hiking the famous, or rather infamous, “stop sign”. Other times a guest will have a HUGE epiphany after a meeting with Jen, our Ivins resort life coach, and share their experience with me. Regardless, people’s lives are literally changing every day and it is the most amazing thing to see.

This last week was a special one for me because my cousin, Kerry, got to go and experience life at Movara for the first time. Kerry comes from a very difficult background and pretty toxic home life. She has felt so lost and hopeless for so long that seeing a way out seemed impossible. On my visit at the resort this week I got to join her in some classes, on one of the morning hikes and a couple of lectures. I was astonished at what was happening to her as she listened, practiced and applied what she was learning in the gym and in the lecture hall. My little, broken, lost cousin Kerry is starting to heal.

She texted me yesterday, which was her final day at Movara, to let me know the results of her check-out. I made the mistake of checking my phone in the middle of a meeting. I gasped out loud and the whole meeting stopped and looked at me to see what was wrong. I apologized and tried to convince the speaker to continue, but I couldn’t calm the curiosity in the room. So I relayed to the group that my little cousin just lost 9 pounds in one week at Movara! Kerry had already started on her own the week before and lost 5 pounds, so it wasn’t like she was just losing the initial water weight at Movara. She worked so hard and the weight that came off of her during her week was real! I am just so excited for her and her success this week that I had to share it. Here is a picture of her at my season’s finale in May. She has come a long way since then and is still working at it. Soon I’ll post an after picture. Go cousin Kerry!!!