Tesco Grocery Store

Recently we have had quite a few guests from England staying at the resort in Malibu. Brand names are going to be completely different for the most part, and I was told that Tesco is a common store to shop at for all things food, etc. Here are some healthy, lower calorie brands I found on Tesco’s website to look for if you are coming from England…

  • Bakery: Hovis Nimble Sliced Wholemeal Bread, Weight Watcher Wrap Tortillas, Tesco Mini Wholemeal Pita Bread
  • Baking: Doves Farm Xanthan Gum, Vanilla/Almond/Peppermint Extracts, Tesco Lemon Juice, ANY herbs and spices (My personal favorites are oregano, dill, turmeric and nutmeg)
  • Pasta/Rice: Napolina Whole Wheat Pasta, Tesco Whole Wheat Pasta, Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Rice, Natco Red Lentils, Tesco Quinoa, Tesco Barley
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fresh=ANY, Frozen=ANY Tesco/Bird’s Eye brand unless they add sauces or butters
  • Cereals: Original Shredded Wheat, Nature’s Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Flakes, Original Cheerios, Post Grape Nuts, Quaker Oat So Simple Original, Nakd cereal bars (for emergency food snacks)
  • Tins: ANY balsamic vinegar/mustard/salsa/hot sauce, Bonne Maman jams, Whole Earth Organic Peanut Butter no sugar added, Napolina Five Bean Salad, Napolina Red Kidney Beans/Chick peas, Tesco Red Kidney Beans/Chick Peas, Epicure Organic Black Beans in water, Fudco Popcorn Kernels
  • Milks/Dairy: ANY brand skim milk, Alpro Soya Light Unsweetened (similar to Silk brand), Laughing Cow Deli Lite Cheese, Mini Babybel Light Cheese, Fage Greek Yogurt, Tesco Healthy Living Greek Style Yogurt
  • Meat/Poultry/Fish: Tesco frozen chicken breast, Tesco Healthy Living diced chicken breast, Tesco Healthy Living diced turkey breast, Tesco turkey mince lean, Tesco Salmon/Tuna steak/King prawns/Raw scallops, Tesco Seafood Selection, Frozen turkey breast roast, Tesco frozen stir fry chicken, Tesco frozen chicken breast filets


Jessica Hummel, Nutrition Counselor