Sweet and Spicy Grilled Wings

Sweet & Spicy Grilled Wings


8 Skinless Wings

1 ½ T. Honey

1 T. Grapeseed Oil     

½ t. Salt & Pepper

½ t.  Granulated Garlic

½ t. granulated onion

Hot Sauce

6 oz. Franks Buffalo sauce

¼ C. Honey

1T. unsalted Butter

¼ C. Water

2 T. Cornstarch + 2 T. Water

To make hot sauce combine the first 4 ingredients in a medium sauce pan. Bring to a simmer. Combine water and cornstarch together and add to sauce. Return to a simmer and serve marinade chicken wings for one hour. Grill until thoroughly cooked. Toss in hot sauce and serve.

Serving Size 1 Wing

Cal 88 g Carbs 5g  Fat 5g  Protein 4g