Support Group

Often weight loss is easier with a support group. Some of you may be at home now with family members that are not interested in losing weight, exercising or eating healthier. It can be hard to stay on track in that situation. Finding friends or fellow weight losers can be beneficial in helping you feel motivated. It can also allow you to bounce ideas off each other.

We have the perfect opportunity right here to have that kind of support system. So for this post, I would like to hear from you! We can all learn from each others’ experiences, successes and failures, in regards to health, nutrition, exercise and weight loss.

So I will go first. I have a tremendous sweet tooth. I also love to bake. I have learned that if I do bake I need to make sure that I take most of it to neighbors, family members and friends. I always have some, it wouldn’t be fun to bake if I didn’t let myself have some, but I give a lot of it away so it isn’t just sitting around the house; because if it is there, I will eat it. My biggest weakness is probably ice cream. I don’t keep ice cream in the house so if I want some, we just go get it somewhere. I really have to want it since I have to pack up the family to go. For that reason, we often turn it into a family event and we usually just walk to a nearby ice cream shop. Also, when dealing with sweets, I always ask myself, “Is it WORTH it?”.

So now I want to hear from you, and I am sure everyone else does to. How do you overcome your weaknesses? What are your favorite meal or snack ideas? What keeps you motivated to exercise? How has your relationship with food changed? How do you plan ahead? When traveling or on vacation, how do you stay on track? If you slip, how do you get back on track? I look forward to learning from you!

Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD