Super Charge Me Cookies

This is a recipe out of a vegan cookbook called Eat, Drink and Be Vegan. Well, the author of the book just recently posted the recipe on line!

Super Charge Me Cookies

These cookies are really great. They definitely have a “healthy” taste but in a good way. I originally tried them for my four year old as a treat but honestly, he and my husband sometimes have them for breakfast. They are that good and the ingredients are all wholesome! My husband actually acts like a superhero when he eats them and pretends he has super powers :).

The flax meal is used in place of eggs and will give you a nice healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, you get healthy fats from the nuts and canola oil (as opposed to butter or margarine in regular cookies), the maple syrup will replace processed sweeteners, and of course we can’t forget the whole grains from the flour and oats.

I actually didn’t have spelt flour, chocolate chips or maple syrup so I used whole wheat flour, double the amount of coconut and raw honey (which wasn’t raw after I cooked it, but it tastes much better than regular-and I realize also made these cookies non-vegan). The spelt flour may make them a bit more tender but regardless, they will turn out great.

I just wanted to share since so many guests ask about healthier dessert recipes. I really think you could take these to a work social, potluck or family party and they would get eaten right up. And the best part? You would have a healthy option!

Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD