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Summer Exercise: How to beat the heat!

I’m pretty good at coming up with excuses not to exercise. And when it’s 100 degrees and 80 percent humidity, it’s even harder to want to exercise. Summers are tough because we end up having later evenings but if we want to exercise outside, we have to get up early when it’s coolest – yet sleep is important as well.

Motivate. Early: Switching to early morning exercise routine can be a challenge so finding a little motivation can really help. For me, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is a motivating read that helped me commit to mornings. Early morning workouts are the best way to beat the heat but not always easy so here are a few other tips on beating the heat.

Hydrate: Hydration is always important but as it heats up, it becomes even more vital. When doing a longer walk or jog, I like to drop off water bottles along my route so I don’t have to carry anything. If leaving bottles along your route isn’t feasible, hydration packs are a very convenient way to hydrate – at home as well as at Movara. Add fruit to your water if you prefer some flavor. Another great trick is to fill your water bottle half way and freeze it overnight to keep your water cold. The newer insulated hydroflask or Yeti water bottles are also great to keep your water cold. I love to fill up my 60oz hydroflask at the beginning of the day and carry it with me all day to remind me to drink.

Plan ahead: If you set your exercise clothes out the night before, and prep your water, it will remind you of your intent to exercise and help you to remain committed to your plan.

Set an appointment: Although this is a must for me year-round, I have found it is even more important during the warmer months because it is that much easier to not exercise if the weather is too hot. For me, it is tough to get out of bed unless I have made a commitment the night before to do something at a certain time or with other people.

And if early-morning exercise just isn’t for you…

Tread: The treadmill isn’t always a favorite for most people. It can be boring but it is also a great option when you don’t want to go outside. I have a few favorite go-to workouts to do on the treadmill. One of my favorites is treading.

Swim: Taking advantage of water sports is perfect during the warmer months. The water is so great for adding variety to your workout, avoiding or nursing an injury, as well as keeping cool.

Gym Classes: Not everyone loves classes but they can be motivating and effective. The trick is finding the right instructor and style of class. There are hundreds of different types of classes to choose from and so many different instructors. Do some research and find something that works for you. has some great online classes for any fitness level or time.

So, find the workout you like and get out there! Summer’s a fantastic time to move!