Sugar Stacking

alt As Emily had mentioned a few months ago in this post, the recommended amounts of added sugar per day are as follows:

Women – 24 grams/6 teaspoons/100 calories worth

Men – 36 grams/9 teaspoons/150 calories worth

The average amount consumed daily by Americans looks a lot different than the recommendations falling at closer to 22 teaspoons worth, over 300 extra empty calories coming from added sugars in our diets!

Recently at work, a client showed me an awesome website on sugars in everyday foods for my fellow visual-learners! It is called Sugar Stacks (click here to be relocated to the website). It is easy to down a large soda without even realizing how much sugar you just consumed. Check out the sodas pictured – would you agree to eating that many cubes of sugar in a sitting? Probably not! So do not be fooled when the sugar comes in the form of a soda, etc. Enjoy looking around on the website, so very interesting!

When craving something sweet, go for natural sugars in the form of a chopped fruit bowl or some greek yogurt with baking cocoa powder. Gives you the sweet essence you were looking for but without all the sugar cube stacks!

Jessica, Nutrition Counselor