snow to sun

What an interesting week of weather we have had this week. We started with the incredible ‘fog’ in snow canyon – it was just beautiful! Little did I know that the ‘fog’ was really snow clouds that were rolling in.

Soooooo I walked up the last half of stop sign with snow flying directly into my face. I was very impressed with the guests this week – the vast majority of them braved the snow and finished the hike. With minimal complaining as well. I mean, who are you going to blame? Mother Nature?

Now its the end of the week – guests are happy and it’s sunny and about 60 degrees outside.

It was a great week here. The cold weather kind of help to bond all of us. ¬†Even though my preference would be for 70-80 degrees and sunny – bad weather doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise. I suppose that is another great thing we learn here at Fitness Ridge.