Snow in Southern Utah

Last week it actually snowed about 3″ here in Ivins. Don’t get me wrong, I can take the snow – coming to Utah from the Chicago area has me very used to multiple inches of snow at a time along with incredibly cold temperatures (was back there last week and was greated with -20 wind chills….). But come one – one of the perks of moving to Southern Utah was that there wasn’t going to be any snow….you know maybe it would drop down to the high 20’s at night…but nothing more than that.

Last week my mom was in town visiting…and we actually had to leave Stop Sign early due to the heavy snow shower and icy conditions. In fact, many of the hikes last week were called off due to the icy conditions. But don’t worry – this doesn’t happen too often down here – at least that this what the locals are telling me. And, we still got in our 2 hour workout each morning in the gym. It’s tough to be inside and workout but I personally burned quite a few calories in the gym.
We were able to hike today – although the forecast calls for rain and snow through tomorrow. Hmm….a white Christmas. Never thought that would happen down here.