Shin Splints

I have shin splints. Why am I telling you this? Mainly because I find that people are relieved to hear that even a fit person can be humbled with a fitness speed bump. Even though I am in good shape and work out quite regularly…I still find new things that challenge my body. This is my most recent one.

Moving here from Evanston, IL – where it’s pretty much flat, flat, flat except for the occasional hilly driveway – has just played havoc on my shins, ankles and calves. I am used to running and walking indoors on a treadmill with little to no incline. But since moving to St. George about 4 months ago my body has been introduced to inclines, declines and pavement. So this pretty extreme change in my workout environment is finally showing itself. So….don’t feel so bad when your body rebels from the introduction to fitness. It’s going to.

And don’t worry – my shin splints will go away. I am wrapping my ankle, icing my leg every night and making sure to stretch my calves before and after I workout. This is just one of the many small but overcomeable (yes, that is a word) things that come with being fit.

If you think about it – no matter what – sedentary or not – we all have to deal with some physical ailments at some point. At least I know mine are from going out there and being active. And now, the next time you encounter a fitness speed bump, you can say, “yeah, but did you hear that Paige has shin splints? And she is in shape!”