Set yourself up to succeed!!!


I am only down one more pound-I knew it would slow down but it is hard to be ok with. believe me-I would like it quick as well. I also struggle with working out sooo hard, watching what I eat and only seeing small results but I know the math so it helps to be a bit more patient.  I am focusing on how good I feel! 

Fitness Ridge is famous for the “stop sign” hike. We start at the bottom of snow canyon state park and guests make it as far as they can up the continuous incline with the goal of making it to the top where the stop sign awaits. I wasn’t planning on going to the top that morning. After all I just had a baby :). I wanted to go to the mini stop sign and back which is still 6 miles. the last 2 miles of the stop sign are the hardest two miles! We were close to the mini stop sign-Cam had passed me to say hi to my cousin who is at the resort this week. Cam couldn’t turn around at the mini stop sign and expect my cousin to keep going so he turned and headed up with him.

At this point I was soo close to catching up but couldn’t i needed some water that Cam had in the stroller so my only choice was to go faster! we are the owners it doesn’t matter if I just had a baby I couldn’t quit or turn around. I would not ask a guest to do something I wouldn’t do myself! I was cursing Cam for not leaving me some water and had the thought that he may be getting back at me from when he first started to exercise. I didn’t give him much sympathy. Really he just got talking and forgot.I eventually caught up and at this point we were about a mile from the top so I couldn’t stop now (ps-you are getting the long version).

Getting to the top was awesome! the part that stinks was that we had to go all the way back down to our van. This brings me to my point. Every time I ask a friend to come exercise with me, leaves me no other choice but to go. I can’t back out of it. Also, committing to a personal trainer or informing an instructor you will be in their class, are great ways of setting yourself up to succeed. I had a guest run with me on monday and I kept telling her it was for selfish reasons because it would make me run. That same guest was there when we got out of the van again today and she killed me but i loved it when we were done!! Of course as soon as I saw her, I knew I would work harder than I would have on my own and that is exactly what I am talking about!

If you really want to succeed, you will set yourself up to succeed! too often we know what will push us and we find excusses to avoid those things at all costs. I hear those excuses everyday-sometimes they are my own 🙂 We ended up going up to the top again and running all the way down plus did some sprints in the sand today. The best way to succeed is to make commitments and then set your self up to succeed with some accountability-don’t kid yourself we all need it! Myself included.


Michelle Kelsch