Season Seven “Stop Signers”!

altAt The Biggest Loser Resort at Movara in Ivins, Utah we are privileged to have our own season 7 Biggest Loser with us full time. Sione Fa loves Movara that he moved his family to Ivins to become a full time trainer at the resort.

But this week Sione is not the only season 7 Biggest Loser on site. Shanon Thomas, member of season 7’s pink team (GO PINK!!) and daughter and partner of winner Helen Phillips, joins in on the full program at Movara.


alt Shanon lost 92 pounds on The Biggest Loser and has chosen to come to Movara to continue to get healthy. “I still struggle just like the next person, and I believe Movara can help get me started again.”

This morning the two season 7 friends reunited at the bottom of “Stop Sign”, a well known hike at Movara. They hugged, they caught up, and then instead of competing against each other, they encouraged each other as they climbed the four mile incline leading up to the stop sign.
The guests are all excited get to know Shanon more this week and find out about her experience on the show and her life ever after. Welcome to Movara, Shanon! There is no greater welcome than Stop Sign. Anyone agree?