Say it isn’t so…. Injured!

Well, it’s been a year exactly since my exit from the Resort as a 4 week guest. I have not only hit my goal weight range, but maintained it for over 9 months. I thought I was on easy street until I fell on a hike in Malibu and hurt my foot. I not only fell on the hike, but then proceeded to help unbox and move furniture over the weekend to prepare for the soft launch. (So, if you ever visit the Malibu location, I am very partial to the nightstands as I unboxed most of them and moved half of them – lol).

Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve had xrays, went to the Foot/Ankle Institute and have seen our Accupucturist Pat twice. I have a mid foot sprain that will take somewhere between a week and a year to heal… (I am rooting for the week).

What’s been most interesting is what’s happened to me both mentally and physically with this injury. First, the excuses started to come “I can’t go exercise… my foot hurts”. Next, poor me showed up “I may never be able to race again”. Oh the drama!!! Then I decided to weigh myself… 5lbs in 3 weeks… OMG!!! I almost had a nervous breakdown. At that rate, I would gain 20 lbs over the next 3 months! I hadn’t gained 5 lbs in the last year! All I could think is “Well, it was nice being healthy while it lasted, helloooo 200lbs again”.

After I finally settled down, I went into planning mode. I pulled back all the Planning Strategies info that I teach at the Resort and applied to myself again. First, I set my 30 day goal.

Goal: Don’t gain any weight while recovering and try not to lose muscle mass!

Next, I brainstormed all the things I would need to do in 4 Pillars of Wellness: Fitness, Nutrition, Education and Relaxation.


– Track calories out (wear polar watch all day, every day)

– Find cardio activities that you CAN do (I decided on the NuStep and Spin Bike)

– Do strenght training 3 x’s per week (I have Tiffany building me a program)


– Track calories in (keep a food log again)

– Break out the measuring cups

– Stop putting Peanut Butter in my oatmeal daily (saves 90 calories per day)


– Figure out my Budget everyday (calories in/calories out)

– Read up on exercises to do while injured


– This is really important now that I’m injured. If I push to hard, I can prolong this thing.

Once I got my plan figured out, I felt back in control again. The #1 reason why people emotionally eat is because they feel out of control. After 1 week, I have already lost 2 lbs. Yes, I have had to change my workout routines (which stinks) and yes, I have had to go back to tracking calories in and out everyday… But, I know the system works. I have been successful here before. I have to keep remembering that it’s not the falling down that matters… it’s the getting back up.

Does anyone have any other tips/strategies for those of us dealing with an injury?

JEN – Resort Life Coach – Utah