Robin’s Top 5 Trainer Tips for the Holidays!

This time of year is celebrating with friends and family but it also means lots of fun which might include eating and drinking things that are — well, we will just say we don’t serve them at Movara! That is why Robin shared some of the things she does as well as some great tips to stay active and not get too off-track with your fitness goals over the holidays, but also fit in lots of fun family time!


1. If you can’t get that full workout in, simply try to be more active!


2. Go Shopping! Ladies, don’t we love to hear that?! But, when you go to the mall to do your Christmas shopping this year, use the stairs and maybe go up and down the stairs a couple of times!


3. Find activities to do with the family. There are so many ways to be active as a family like playing games, maybe flag football! Also, sign up your whole family for a Turkey Trot! Many places, like we do here at Movara, there are fun Thanksgiving Turkey Trots where you get to dress up or make a game of it. Doing fun activities like these can be a great workout, and you get to spend lots of quality, memory-making time with the family!


4. Change expectations on how long the workout has to be. If you are so busy with all of the things going on around this time of year, just think about making the most out of the short time you do have! A 10-minute, high-intensity workout is much more beneficial than skipping a workout altogether.


5. Be an early bird. Try waking up a little earlier than everyone else so you have some time to hit the gym or go for a walk or a run. You might find that you actually have a little bit more energy throughout the day, and this is a good chance to get some quality, peaceful “me time”.


There you have it! I hope you guys have a fun, safe, healthy and active holiday season!