Rob “Stuch” Stuchiner WORKS His Way Out of Obesity

I had to share this story with everyone because it is unbelievable! It shows us, once again, to not stop when the numbers do. Just don’t stop and YOU WILL GET THERE! It’s inevitable! =)

This is a testimony from Rob Stuchiner from Florida:



“My Weight loss journey started April 7, 2009. I was well over 400+ pounds, and I had a one way ticket to death. I have a huge fan of the Biggest Loser television show since the first season. After all these years and watching so many successful weight loss journey’s, I decided it was time for mine to begin. At first the weight came off fast it was unbelievable! Then like any journey I hit a huge bump in the road. For 5 months I plateaued and I didn’t lost any weight, but also didn’t gain any weight, so instead of getting discouraged and quitting, I chose to keep fighting and moving forward.

Fitness Ridge Resort was a major part of my success. I went for 2 different weeks and I lost 28 pounds in that time. All together I have lost to this date 200 lbs and I have never been happier in my life. I am ready to start the next chapter and see where my journey will take me.

With all my success at the Fitness Ridge I also found something that I have been looking for a very long time-LOVE! But that’s another story!”



Remember, don’t stop and you will get there, no matter what your goal may be! Happy Saturday everyone!!