Remembering that exercise can be fun

Thank goodness that the weather is getting nicer. This week we had 3 days in the mid 60’s. I love Southern Utah! With that we have begun taking multi-week guests to the park for the afternoon Open Gym. It has been a really great time. There is tennis (I don’t mean competitive tennis – simply getting a volley going), basketball, Frisbee and soccer. What I love about these open gym times is to see guests having fun being active. That is truly the heart of a healthy lifestyle. Going outside and being active. You don’t HAVE to run in a 5K or do a triathlon. You can simply go play Frisbee, or throw the football around. One of the best memories of my childhood is throwing the ball around with my Dad. We watched a lot of football in those days – and on every commercial he would say, “let’s go throw the football”. He taught me that being active is fun. It doesn’t matter if you are good at throwing the football (Frisbee, basketball, etc) – it is just fun getting outside and moving around. If everyone did this – only 30 minutes a day – life would be much better.

Maybe I will see some of you returning guests at this park later on this Spring/Summer? Hope so.