Rachel’s “Restart”

I came to Movara last week because I was burned out – physically, mentally, emotionally. I wanted to “restart” my eating and exercising routine away from the stress of daily life. I also had a short-term goal. On Saturday of my stay, I was signed up to run the St George Marathon, but I was so stressed I didn’t know if I would even try. I swam under the stars for open gym, hiked through beautiful scenery and was encouraged to push myself in every way. It was like a dark cloud lifted from my mind and body. I was actually looking forward to running the marathon! I missed the hike on Friday but otherwise didn’t do anything special to prepare for the run. I ate the Movara meals and participated in all the exercise classes. On Saturday, I completed my own “Last Chance Workout” by finishing the St George Marathon! Most runners take it easy the week before a marathon, I needed the week at Movara instead. Thank you for helping me find my healthy self again. – Rachel –